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How is Precision Engineering Hidden In The World Around You?

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Sep 27, 2021 11:14:30 AM


Precision engineering is now one of the most widely used techniques in manufacturing, responsible for manufacturing the majority of everyday items, alongside specialist and precision components used in engines, pumps, and machinery.

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Will Shorter Supply Chains Be The Norm Post-Covid?

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Sep 20, 2021 1:00:00 PM

Few people foresaw the Covid-19 pandemic and, in a world in which global supply chains had become the norm for many businesses, disruption was unsurprisingly high. With many countries implementing lockdowns at different times, manufacturing hubs subjected to short-notice closure, and international shipping routes restricted, supply chains have suffered. Furthermore, unstable political climates have forced many businesses to evaluate their dependence on international suppliers and markets.

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4 Problems Caused By Low Quality Rollers

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Sep 9, 2021 5:01:46 PM

Think packaging is easy? Think again! There are multiple hurdles to navigate, and one of these is quality. At any stage of a project, quality matters. Sometimes it only matters slightly, and sometimes it matters a lot. A 0.001 mm difference in a deep hole volume might mean nothing on a pushbike but might result in catastrophe for a plane.

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What’s The Difference Between The Honing And Lapping Process? 

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Sep 6, 2021 9:27:37 AM

Honing and lapping are often mentioned in the same breath as if they were interchangeable terms, and the two processes do share some similarities. 

However, honing and lapping are, in fact, two distinct processes with fundamental differences. In this article, we discuss what each process refers to in the world of precision machining, and the pros and cons of each:

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Topics: CNC Honing, Lapping

How To Choose The Right UK Based CNC Machining Service

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Aug 27, 2021 9:21:48 AM

Selecting a good UK based CNC machining/precision engineering partner has important implications for the success of your project. If you make the right choice, then you will benefit from increased productivity, shorter project turnaround time, and lower production costs. Get it wrong, and you could be faced with delays, hidden costs, errors, and unforeseen complications.

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SME Manufacturers Survey Reports Fastest Growing Levels Of Optimism In Seven Years!

Posted by The Hone-All Team on Aug 20, 2021 11:21:00 AM

After a storm comes the sunshine, and that is certainly the picture emerging from the UK manufacturing sector as businesses step blinking into the sunlight after a very tough 18 months. It’s not going to be an easy task to rebuild to the position we were in in late 2019 but, despite all the dark murmurings about recessions last year, the Covid recovery has been fast and strong, with many people expecting the country to regain its pre-pandemic position by the end of 2021. 

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Sixth Annual ‘Collaborate To Innovate’ Awards Open For Entries 

Posted by The Hone-All Team on Aug 11, 2021 11:32:44 AM

The 2021 annual Collaborate To Innovate (C2I) awards, organised by The Engineer magazine, are now open for submissions until 3rd September 2021. The award scheme, now in its sixth year, seeks to identify and promote the most innovative collaborative engineering projects in the UK manufacturing and civil engineering sector.

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Why Supplying Accurate Precision Drilling Drawings Is Important

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Aug 9, 2021 9:48:00 AM

For our machines to work their best, we need to feed them accurate information. Here are a few pitfalls that can occur in the world of precision drilling, and how you can avoid them.

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Topics: Precision Rollers, Deep Hole Drilling, precision drawings, Precision drilling

What Role Does Precision Engineering Play In The Aerospace Industry Post Pandemic?

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Aug 2, 2021 10:42:50 AM

The pandemic has been tough on the Aerospace industry, though it today wouldn't exist without outsourced, precision-engineered components. Unlike most land vehicles, almost no modern aircraft are designed, constructed, and tested entirely in-house. Due to the sheer number and diversity of disparate aeroplane, spacecraft, satellite, and helicopter components, aerospace manufacturing typically relies on a scattered production chain of outsourced commissions, to design and build each separate part to fit a grand overall plan.

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Topics: Aerospace Industry, Precision Machining, Precision Engineering

Considerations All Precision Steel Tube Manufacturers Should Make

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Jul 26, 2021 12:21:31 PM

All steel tube manufacturers have many considerations to make. It all begins with attention to detail.

Detail in this realm means balancing multiple contrasting variables including: the initial design requirements; the specification of the material; the quality of the machine; the cost of manufacture; and the required quality of the final product are the main areas.

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Topics: Tube Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, manufacturing

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