In What Sectors Does Hone-All Operate?

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Dec 6, 2021 12:14:27 PM


At Hone-All, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to tackle complex projects in a range of sectors. As a family-run business that prides itself on teamwork, collaboration, and communication, we’re not constrained by muted ambition; instead, we invest in our teams and technology to ensure the highest quality service for our customers in diverse areas of industry, from aerospace and pharmaceuticals to defence and motorsport.

Our Areas Of Specialty:


1) Oil and Gas / Petrochemical:

Our large capacity section, which comprises Deep Hole Borers, heavy duty CNC Lathes up to 4 metres in length, and two horizontal honing machines, was crucial for us to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry. We have the capacity to deep hole bore, hone, and turn components up to 3m in length, using a range of materials including Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel to name but a few.

2) Aerospace and Defence:

In the Aerospace industry, there is no room for error. Precision engineering must be conducted to incredibly accurate specifications and tight tolerances to ensure finished products comply with the highest of safety standards. We manufacture a variety of components for the industry, including rotors, landing gear components, and actuators, using the latest materials for optimum strength and durability. Never phased by the responsibility, we relish the challenge our Aerospace customers present.

3) Hydraulics:

In the hydraulics industry, honing is an essential process to produce surface finishes that enable pistons to work effectively without causing excessive wear. We can machine different components, including hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, rams, and tubing, at cost-effective prices while achieving close tolerances rarely available from conventional tubing suppliers cannot.

4) Printing and Packaging:

We supply precision rollers and shafts for the printing, packaging, and converting industry, from 50mm to 4m in length. We understand that the sector needs reliable components, with excellent surface finishes, perfect balance, and superior durability to eliminate vibration and wear – even when rollers are rotating at speeds of up to 1000m per minute!

5) Medical:

In the medical equipment sector, precision is non-negotiable. Tolerances must be incredibly tight with superior surface finishes to ensure medical procedures are safe. Medical devices, such as joint replacements, which are to provide patients with mobility for many years, must be robust and durable. At Hone-All, we have manufactured components in aluminium and titanium to produce reliable and trustworthy medical components

6) Injection Moulding:

Gun drilling is a key process in the production of mould tools, cavity blocks, and Bolster plates for injection moulding, creating the waterways or cooling holes that maintain a consistent temperature during processing. Utilising our CNC gun drill, we can create multiple holes in different positions, including angled holes within the block.

7) Motorsport / Automotive:

At Hone-All, we’re proud to support the F1, Motorsport & Automotive industries, manufacturing essential components including anti-roll bars, steering columns, driveshafts, clutch shafts, and transmission parts. Lead times are incredibly short, but our commitment to teamwork enables us to meet challenging deadlines – even if we have to work through the night!

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