Trepanning Vs Drilling: What Is The Difference?

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Mar 24, 2020 2:15:37 PM

Trepanning Vs Drilling: What Is The Difference?

Trepanning is a machining technique for drilling large diameter holes in materials, particularly where there is a requirement to retain the solid core or when tolerances are not particularly tied up.

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Instead of drilling the whole diameter, trepanning only drills an annulus (a ring) around the outside, leaving a core in the centre of the hole that can be reclaimed; solid core drilling, by comparison, would destroy all of the material inside the hole by creating swarf chippings and preventing it from being reused.

Trepanning Vs Drilling: The Advantages Of Trepanning

Trepanning offers several advantages over solid core drilling:

  •  Trepanning requires less energy compared to using other types of boring operations. Drilling through hard metals, for example, consumes considerable power and tooling whereas a trepanning tool cuts an annulus, which is quicker and more energy-efficient.
  • When working with valuable raw materials, such as titanium, the cylinder that is removed after trepanning can be used in other projects or recycled, meaning less waste and higher cost-efficiency.
  • A trepanning tool can be used to part off an outer sleeve of material. For example, it would take numerous passes to remove 200mm from the majority of the length of a ø400mm bar. So, rather than turning for hours to create a flange, and removing a huge amount of material as swarf, it is possible to use one machine process to produce a solid sleeve that can potentially be used again or resold for a higher value than swarf chippings.
  •  Trepanning cuts out a cylinder from the area that is drilled, reducing the time taken to clean as there are fewer shavings and debris which drilling tends to produce.

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At Hone All, our trepanning service is an excellent alternative to conventional drilling or deep hole boring and as with all our Hone-All’s services, uses only the highest quality tools and equipment. To get a fast and free quote for your project, please complete our online form.

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