The Ideal Manufacturing Commissioner Needs To Have The Right Attributes

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jan 20, 2022 12:03:00 PM

Updated Hone-All graphicAt Hone-All, we’re passionate about the health and potency of the UK’s manufacturing sector, recognising it’s strong capacity for growth and success in a challenging global marketplace.

Our Director, Andrea Wilson, is a strong advocate for the appointment of a national Commissioner for Manufacturing, so that a dedicated official can assume responsibility for promoting and representing the sector’s interests, across Government departments and overseas in international trade deals.

However, appointing the right person to this post is crucial. So, what attributes should a Manufacturing Commissioner offer?

  • Political Independence

A Commissioner for Manufacturing should be a wholly independent person who is free from political affiliations to best represent the interests of the sector. Ministerial appointments are often beset by change in the form of Cabinet reshuffles or elections, whereas an independent commissioner would deliver the continuity that manufacturing needs to be sustainable and competitive in the long-term.

An independent commissioner would also put the needs of the industry first, without the political bias that could otherwise affect policy and decision-making.

  • A Passion For Manufacturing

It goes without saying that a Manufacturing Commissioner should have a passion for the sector. This will have been shaped by an extensive prior experience in the industry, so they have a genuine understanding for how manufacturing businesses operate and the challenges they face. Small to middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) confront considerably different demands to larger Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which could only be understood by a commissioner with broad industry experience.

  • A Commitment To The Long-Term

Nothing will change overnight, so a Commissioner for Manufacturing should be committed to remain in the post for a long time to see initial successes beyond the initial impact. They should be inspired by change and adaptation and seek to achieve successes that futureproof the sector, rather than realise headline-grabbing accomplishments that aren’t embedded in long-term prosperity.

  • A Hunger For Supporting SMEs

SME’s make up the majority of manufacturing businesses in the UK. Such is their diversity of needs and challenges that a Manufacturing Commissioner must be committed to guiding SMEs through the industrial support, with the financial and logistical support to weather the uncertainty caused by events such as the global pandemic.

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While we await the appointment of a Commissioner for Manufacturing, at Hone-All we continue to campaign for change and whilst doing that, offer exemplary precision engineering services for our numerous customers from a wide range of industries.

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