What Next…? The Shifting Shape Of Manufacturing In A Time Of Uncertainty

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jun 12, 2020 10:19:59 AM


Are you concerned about the practicalities of re-opening or continuing to trade safely after lockdown? If you’re feeling bewildered about the dates, the regulations, and the potential impact that everything will have on your business, you’re not alone.

Here’s a quick guide to what is likely to happen next.


It’s Life (Jim), But Not As We Know It

The Government is anxious to enable as many businesses as possible to re-open. As vital links in the chain, ensuring that the manufacturing and construction industries are fully operational is crucial.

However, social distancing means that workplaces must look and feel very different, at least for the next few months. It also means headaches for anyone working with machines that require more than one operator, as well as practical challenges for training and development.

Delineating working areas, clearly marked walking lanes, and scheduled time-slots for refreshment breaks are just some of the basic strategies that can be implemented. Some companies are also turning digital to make things even easier.

For instance, Apps are now available that vibrate if two people pass each other too closely. These proactive strategies mean that companies can ease themselves back into their once-familiar routines.

A New Consumer Dynamic

The psychological fallout of Covid-19 has yet to be fully understood. However, what is clear is that the way that consumers feel about the public arena has changed. There have been reports of increased stress, fear, and worry, which has altered the dynamic of the retail and working space.

However, it’s not all gloomy. The locked-down world has seen companies and consumers interact like never before, primarily through social media.

Taking the opportunity to regularly reassure clients that all steps are being taken to ensure their safety is important, as is providing alternative methods for those who are not quite ready for face-to-face meetings when they resume.

Looking After Employees

After an extended, unplanned hiatus, returning to the manufacturing industry is going to feel strange for many. For a lucky few, lockdown will have been a blissful idyll and a chance to experience the reality of life without work.

For most, it will have meant losing the reassurance of routine, the vital social connections that come with employment, and the gratification of intrinsic motivation. The stress of adjusting to so much change so quickly has been felt by everyone.

Even the strongest and most reliable people can start to crack under the pressure, and this will be realised as the manufacturing and construction industries return to the “new normal”.

Employees are the most important asset in any company, and supporting them during these turbulent times is more crucial than ever before. From reminding people how valuable and appreciated they are through to having strategies in place to help when anxiety levels rise, constant communication and proactive thinking is the key to ensuring a smooth transition post-lockdown.

Next Steps

As British manufacturing continues to reawaken, it helps to remember that we are all in this together. Here at Hone-All, we are committed to ensuring that employees and customers feel safe and comfortable working with us and alongside us.

For more information on how we have safely traded throughout the pandemic, please get in touch with us.

And if you’re bewildered by the fluidity of the rules and regulations, contact Make UK who have been supporting and advising manufacturers on all aspects of safety, HR & Legal requirements so effectively both before and during this pandemic.

They are happy to help, as are we – always.


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