Tube Manufacturing For The Aerospace And Medical Sector

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Mar 24, 2020 2:39:35 PM

Tube Manufacturing For The Aerospace And Defence Sector

There are some occasions in life when you need absolute confidence in the equipment around you. Whether you’re boarding an aircraft for a sunshine destination or being wheeled into an operating theatre in hospital, the equipment you rely on needs to be nothing short of excellent in every respect. In the aerospace industry, tubes, which are generally used in airframes, engines and instrumentation, must be sturdy yet light and able to withstand the most challenging of conditions. In medicine, tubes must offer the utmost reliability, ready to support the most complex of medical procedures without causing additional risks to patient safety.


Every Project Needs Customisation

In aerospace and medicine, reliability and accuracy are probably the two most important facets that professionals within the industry need from tubular equipment. Not only must components be light, they must be robust, and precision machined to extremely tight tolerances to maximise their accuracy. By comparison, some industries require hydraulic components that are able to withstand much greater pressures. Understanding the nature of the industry and the project is, therefore, key to achieving the required standards to ensure the components offer optimal performance where passenger or patient safety is at stake.

Meeting Exacting Standards

If you’re searching for an aerospace tube manufacturer or have precision machining requirements for medical components, it’s vital that your contractor understands the unique processes that must be followed during manufacturing. Accountability in medical and aerospace tubing is, understandably, much more intense and subject to scrutiny than some sectors, in several areas:
  • Manufacturing procedures are strict and must be observed systematically, with no margin for errors or shortcuts to quicken the process or cut costs.
  • Traceability is compulsory at every stage of the manufacturing process, to ensure that each action is fully documented and identifiable at a later stage if required.
  • Quality assessment follows a plan that must be executed precisely according to schedule, to guarantee standards are met at every stage.
  • Documentation is essential to ensure strict adherence to plans, quality checks, and the correct use of machinery, tools, and techniques.

Hone-All: Leading Tube Manufacturer UK

The aerospace and medical industries are evolving as demands for sustainable alternatives soar and technological advancements allow for ground-breaking changes. At Hone-All we have extensive experience working alongside partners from the aerospace and medical fields and are continually investing in cutting edge technology to deliver precision tubes, pitched towards the requirements of the individual project. For more information about our services, please e-mail us at to get in touch with one of our highly skilled engineers.


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