CNC Turning Quotes Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Feb 23, 2023 11:30:00 AM

CNC turning combines long-established machining principles with cutting-edge Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, to deliver outstanding and consistently reliable results. Many businesses find it more cost effective to outsource some or all of their CNC turning requirements to an experienced precision machining provider, such as Hone-All.


Obtaining an accurate quote for your contract CNC turning requirements is the first vital step in saving time and money on your production schedule.

To ensure the most accurate quotation, your precision engineering partner will need information about your technical specifications, budget, and time frame. An experienced supplier will be happy to talk you through the process and help you acquire the information required for a successful outcome. However, it is worth considering all the parameters required when requesting a quote for CNC turning. Without these, mistakes happen – all of which are, fortunately, easy to avoid when you are aware of them.

Here is what we would need: -

  • The material specification – this is essential to ensure accurate quoting as material properties differ, as do the speeds and feeds required to machine them efficiently.
  • Outside diameter – we need this to assess which machine the component can be held on as well as to ensure there is sufficient material to achieve your finished, external diameter.
  • Inside diameter – this is only required if the part being supplied is tubular. It is required so that we are aware of any initial machining which may have been completed previously, or if the part has been purchased as tube, which can often impact the turning process requiring an additional, preparatory operation.
  • Overall length – as with the first two, these are required for tooling and machine capacity decisions.
  • The turning required – we need to know if you simply require us to reduce the size of the outside diameter or whether you require us to create an external profile or other detail.
  • The tolerances – tolerances are a major factor when quoting any machining process as the tighter the tolerance, the more difficult it is to achieve, particularly on large parts.
  • Any surface finish requirement – in addition to machining tolerances, this is needed to ascertain whether we have to add a polishing operation.
  • I.R. or Straightness requirements – we need to know these as even though we may be only conducting a first stage turning process, we need to ensure there is sufficient material to achieve exactly what you require.

 Why Use CNC Turning?

As a subtractive machining process, CNC turning utilises a precise cutting tool to gradually shave materials from the workpiece as it is spun at speed. Instead of relying on continual manual supervision, which can lead to inaccurate cutting, CNC turning utilises measurements fed through to the lathe by CAD software to achieve exceptional precision to the tightest specifications.

Our state-of-the-art CNC turning services can achieve exacting tolerances and a capacity of up to 500mm in diameter and four metres between centres. For precision components used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and motorsport sectors, CNC turning is often the fastest and most cost-effective way of producing large runs of precision components with pinpoint accuracy and consistent quality.

Why Choose Hone-All?

  • Our tailored service will ensure your exacting requirements are consistently met.
  • Our commitment to quality, underpinned by our BS ISO 9001 and EN 9100 accreditation, will ensure that machined parts perform to the standards you need.
  • We will provide you with a clear outline of costs so you can plan your project’s funding.
  • Our service will meet your timescales so you can offer clarity to your customers about lead times for their orders.
  • We provide a bespoke, professional service that accommodates your budget and volume requirements.

If you would like to find out about our CNC turning services, please call us today on 01525 370666 or request a quote and our team will be in touch.

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