5 Advantages of Using Bespoke CNC Machined Parts

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Oct 4, 2021 12:30:00 PM


Bespoke CNC machine parts have wide applicability in manufacturing and bring a range of important benefits, which we’ll discuss in this article. Modern precision engineering uses computer-aided design (CAD) software and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining equipment to create high quality components to demanding specifications, with accurate repeatability over any volume.

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1) Less Room For Human Error

CNC machining is a skilled business and requires training, experience, and intuition on the part of design engineers and machine operators. Nevertheless, the process involves far less manual involvement than previous machining techniques before the introduction of CNC – and with this comes less room for human error. With the aid of CNC machines, engineers can manufacture complex designs in less time, with fewer errors than ever before, lowering the price of precision engineering and enabling faster turnaround times.

2) Reduced Waste

CNC-produced parts can be produced to tighter tolerances, using less raw materials, than their hand-machined counterparts. This reduces the waste material associated with each part, with cost savings that can quickly add up over large production runs. Computer aided manufacturing enables engineers to determine the best angles and cuts in advance, before sending the most efficient coordinates to the CNC lathe – completely removing trial and error from the process.

3) Greater Efficiency

Due to its high level of automation, CNC machining can produce a larger number of complex components and parts, in a shorter amount of time, than manual machining. Businesses that use CNC machining require fewer machines and fewer staff to deliver the same output, leading to reduced production costs, and a faster rate of production. This produces valuable savings that reduces the overall cost of manufacturing.

4) Lower Labour And Energy Costs

Because CNC machining involves less human input, the process is less intensive in the number of person-hours it takes to produce each part. The latest generation of CNC equipment is also highly energy efficient, capable of operating at a fraction of the cost of older models. When added to greater efficiency and accuracy, and lower materials costs, these factors directly affect the end cost of components and drive down prices.

5) Complex And Innovative Parts

CNC machines are exceptionally versatile in the range of parts and products they can produce, allowing design engineers to innovate with complex and non-standard solutions to engineering problems. This opens the doors to greater efficiency and output in manufacturing and enables large-scale production of complicated parts that were previously prohibitively costly to fabricate in such numbers.

Outsourced Bespoke CNC Machining From Hone-All

Bespoke CNC machining has the potential to save manufacturers a lot of time and money, and even more so when they outsource the process to a specialist precision engineering business, such as Hone-All. We work with manufacturers in the aerospace, motorsport, automotive, and hydraulics sectors to produce their custom-designed components at competitive prices and in the shortest possible time frame.

To discuss your project with one of our design engineers, or to request a quote, please give us a call today.

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