The Risks Of Using A Distant Gundrilling Company

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jun 28, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The Risks Of Using A Distant Gundrilling Company

Gun drilling is the ideal process for drilling small diameter holes without losing straightness and precision. It creates close tolerance holes in high-temperature alloys and a range of steels. Machines must be configured to precise specifications, then operated using precision tooling, high-pressure coolant, and an interrupted feed. Some applications require a sub-micron finish that a gun drill can’t achieve, so extra processes and customisation are often needed such as honing.

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In short, the process is highly specialised and complex, requiring the organisation of many moving parts. Costs, schedules, and quality are all variable, so if you’re working in a highly regulated and sensitive industry like aerospace or defence, you need to communicate your requirements in great detail. Offshore machining companies cannot always offer that for four core reasons: -

1) Time Isn’t A Luxury

Communication allows your machining company to arrive at the right set of design features and specifications for your unique project. To complicate the matter further, deep hole drilling often needs to include both BTA drilling and other processes. Set up and tools must be selected to suit component symmetry, cutting speeds, and concentricity. Once the drilling process is over, extra machining methods may be needed to improve results or add complex features inside the hole. Time is needed to accommodate this process, and when you’re dealing with an off-shore machinist, this can be treated as a luxury rather than the necessity it is.

2) Consultations Are Better Face-to-face

Local outsourcing puts you within driving distance of your machining company, letting you engage in in-person consultations. This way, everything from your drawings to your budgets and organisational plans can be arranged rigorously as a team.

3) Offshore Services Are Expensive

If you need to save on costs or manage tight turnaround times, local outsourcing will help you meet that goal. You’ll be able to review your strategy first-hand while cutting the precious time and costs involved in transporting your components- particularly if returns are required due to poor quality.

4) Quality Control Is Needed

Gun and BTA drilling both require expertise and close control. Hole quality parameters must be strictly managed. Manufacturing processes can differ depending on hole dimensions, processing times, and repeatability, which can entail further consultations and readjustments. An off-shore machining company gives you less room to identify problems before it’s too late and costs escalate.

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You deserve only the best in-person support, particularly in a customised and time-intensive niche like gun drilling. Click here to request a quote online, or call 0845 5555 111 to discuss your project requirements.

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