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Posted by Andrea Wilson on Oct 25, 2023 12:35:00 PM


At Hone-All, we leverage our expertise and hard-earned experience in CNC machining to provide specialised manufacturing services across a range of industries. Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum of precision engineering techniques, including Deep Hole Boring, Deep Hole Drilling, Honing, CNC Turning and more!

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Visitors are often surprised to hear we have over 4000 live customers ranging from a single individual manufacturing components in their back garden all the way through to some of the most prestigious OEM’s and we are proud to say that each one is treated as the most prized possession they are!

Here we explain how our specific services meet the unique demands of different sectors.

Deep Hole Boring: Aerospace, Petrochemical, and Hydraulics

Our mastery in deep hole boring is particularly sought after in the aerospace, petrochemical, and hydraulic sectors. We produce high precision, internal bores from 20mm to 200mm diameter, essential for complex components in these industries. The accuracy and finish we achieve on our modern machinery is essential for the competitive nature and high-performance requirements in these fields​​.

Deep Hole Drilling: Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Motorsport

Deep hole drilling is another area where we excel. Our capability to create holes between 3mm and 25mm diameter, up to 2500mm deep, is vital for oil and gas generation and exploration, aerospace, and motorsport applications where weight reduction is critical, but strength must not be compromised. This process is suited for a wide range of materials, including the toughest superalloys, which are common in these sectors​​.

CNC Gundrilling: Medical, Automotive, and Injection Moulding

Our CNC gundrilling services are tailored for industries like medical technologies, automotive, and tools for injection moulding where multiple and offset holes require accurate drilling. We cater to requirements for holes between 3mm and 28mm diameter, to depths of up to 1500mm. The precision and quality of our gundrilling make it suitable for high-grade alloys and complex applications in these industries​​.

CNC Honing: Foundation of Precision

CNC honing, the foundation of our business, remains a key element of our offering across every industry. This service is crucial for achieving tight tolerances, critical surface finishes and geometry requirements. Our decades of honing expertise combined with our knowledge of materials and finishes are applied across every sector where the height of precision is a non-negotiable​ feature.

CNC Turning: Versatility and Precision

Our continual investment in technology has enhanced our CNC turning capabilities, with a capacity of up to 550mm diameter and 4 metres between centres. This service is integral for industries requiring turning, boring, and trepanning with exact tolerances. It forms a crucial part of our unique, single-source supply package​​ for every one of our customers and industries we serve.

Hone-All: Your Partner in Precision Engineering

At Hone-All, we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture comprehensive and precise solutions across all the diverse industries we find within UK Manufacturing. Our talented and highly skilled team enable us to meet the high standards and specific requirements of each and every sector, every single day.

For more information on how our precision engineering services can benefit your industry-specific needs, contact Hone-All at 01525 370666 or send us an enquiry.

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