Hone All Wins Best Sub Contract Machining Award

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Feb 5, 2020 12:49:00 PM
Hone All Wins Best Sub Contracting Machining Award

Shortly before Christmas, we were delighted to be awarded the Best Sub Contract Machining Award, as part of SME News Magazine’s 2019 Energy & Power Awards.

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SME News is a hub of information for small businesses in all sectors throughout the UK, and their annual Energy & Power Awards highlight the innovation and hard work of individuals and businesses in the power generation, renewables, transport and distribution sectors. The award categories reward outstanding contributions from businesses and contractors serving the oil and gas and traditional power generation industries, as well as emerging fields such as sustainable energy and wind power.

Our Nomination

Being nominated for an award in the Sub- Contract Machining category – and going on to win – was a great honour for us and reflects positively on the efforts we have made to maximise quality while controlling costs and lead times for our customers. We are not the largest contractor to specialise in deep hole boring, deep hole drilling, gun drilling and honing, but we consistently aim to punch above our weight in terms of service delivery and engineering standards. This has helped us build productive relationships with several large and established manufacturers, including BAE Systems, Babcock, Rolls-Royce and Collins Aerospace, to name but a few.

The Changing Face Of Sub-Contracting

The way that sub-contracting works within the manufacturing industry has changed over the last few years. The most important change we’ve noticed is the huge growth of sub-contracting, a trend that has driven higher standards and expectations – as well as greater competition between sub-contractors themselves. Manufacturers have also changed the way they approach sub-contracting, with businesses preferring to outsource their services to fewer subcontractors, to streamline their supply chains and increase their responsiveness to changing market demand. This places the responsibility on companies such as ourselves to maintain a flexible capacity and diversify our services as much as possible.

Balancing Demand And Delivery

In this climate, being a small, independently owned business gives us an advantage – enabling us to respond quickly and invest in the areas most essential to our client’s needs. The challenge to sub-contractors in 2020 is to sustain competitive lead times and prices in the face of increased demand – in terms of both volume of work and delivery standards. Fortunately, innovations in working procedures, new technologies and targeted investments have enabled companies such as ourselves to continue to meet and exceed customer demands while providing an efficient, cost-effective service. It is a pleasure to play a part in this industry at such an exciting time, and we look forward to what the coming year brings.

Thank You!

We would like to extend a massive thank you to all our team for their hard work – this award wouldn’t have been possible without them – and our clients, who trust us with product delivery in a wide range of critical and time-sensitive projects.

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Image source: SME News

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