The Best High Quality Deep Hole Boring Services

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jan 10, 2019 9:13:00 AM


Deep Hole Boring is a highly specialised process and is used for the drilling of bores above ø20mm internal diameter. A variety of forms can be utilised within the process including blind bores, counter bores, flat bottomed bores etc. depending on the application.

However, regardless of the specifications required by the customer, everyone should expect a supplier to be reliable, to produce a quality final product, and to meet the set deadline of that project. Yet customers can often be messed around by suppliers. Projects interrupted, work not completed on time, and communication errors are all commonplace.

Let’s look at why these situations happen, and how companies can avoid it.

Not Putting In The Effort At The Initial Planning Stage

Most headaches can be avoided if planning is accurate from the start. The root of good initial planning is communication and planning for the quality at the end of the project, not just at the pre-machining stage. It’s vital that the right questions are asked from the get-go so that the key variables of time and cost can be calculated, and quality assured throughout every stage of manufacture.

Dishonest Delivery Promises

Many factors have to be taken into account when making delivery promises. Some of these are quite straightforward, such as how long it should take to get a job done. Others involve hypothetical forward-thinking, such as what will be done if a machine unexpectedly breaks down.

Well-managed companies manage these two calculations so that everything runs smoothly.

However, a cluster of variables – such as staff being unwell, storms taking the power out, or a machine breaking down – are harder to plan for.

Thankfully these interruptions are rare. The answer is to create timescales that offer room for manoeuvre combined with having a flexible team who will react and respond when the unexpected occurs. This way, the client always knows they will get the product on time, without the risk of scrimping on quality.

It’s all about honesty and reliable planning.

Not Keeping Up With Investment Opportunities

There are two guarantees that precision engineering companies need to be able to make.

Quality is the first.

‘Quality’ is making sure that dimensions are accurate, surface finishes are achieved, and excellent service is seamless and assured.

The second is efficiency.

‘Efficiency’ is keeping costs low, cutting lead times and minimising errors.

To achieve consistent quality and efficiency, continual improvement and investment in processes, new machines, R&D, and engineer training, is vital.

How Hone All Performs

At Hone All, our focus is on effective communication, quality and investment. We continually improve and invest in the latest developments in CNC machining, deep bore boring, drilling, and honing balanced carefully alongside ensuring our processes are robust and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Honesty starts with reliability, and reliability is grounded in having the right tools for the trade and a complete commitment to customer service.

If you’d like to find out more about working with Hone All, please give us a call. Alternatively, please download our free e-book to find out more about our CNC boring and honing costs and processes.

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