Precision Perfected: Unveiling The Power Of Final Inspection

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jul 5, 2023 12:30:00 PM

A man unveiling the power of the final inspection process


In precision manufacturing, it’s vital to ensure high quality standards to safeguard parts from poor levels of performance, premature wear, or unforeseen failure. This is particularly important in the aerospace industry, in which the safety of service users - passengers and aircraft personnel – depends on equipment performing reliably and consistently.


At Hone-All, we take immense pride in delivering high-quality parts that always meet, and often exceed, our customers' expectations. One of the key pillars of our quality control process is our comprehensive final inspection. In this article, we’ll explain how the final inspection process helps us achieve precision perfection.


No Part Leaves Without A Rigorous Evaluation

Every job that specifies full inspection before completion undergoes a rigorous evaluation using our extensive range of gauging and measurement equipment before being shipped to the customer. Because every component that we machine has unique requirements, we employ a meticulous approach to guarantee the utmost precision and ensure that even the most exacting of specifications are accurately met.


Although full inspection is only carried out when specifically requested by the customer, many of our precision machining processes require 100 per cent inspection as per our service guide, which ensures that no detail is overlooked on any part, whether full inspection is requested or not.


Self-Inspection Methodology

Our aerospace approval allows us, under certain circumstances, to apply a self-inspection methodology. This means that, based on the engineer's training record and skills matrix, we can verify their suitability to carry out inspections internally.


By utilising the skills and experience of our qualified team, we can maintain efficiency without compromising on quality – a streamlined approach that allows us to uphold our commitment to delivering superior products which comply with aerospace standards and are also safe for use in highly demanding or challenging environments.


Meeting Specific Requirements

We understand that certain purchase orders may demand a higher level of inspection and verification. In such cases, we go above and beyond to meet these requirements. Whether it involves implementing process control plans, First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Statistical Process Control (SPC), or other quality assurance measures, we ensure that our products adhere to the highest industry standards.


Our attention to detail and dedication to quality give our customers confidence in the reliability of our products.


A Transparent Quoting Process

At Hone-All, we believe in transparency and strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience. Our quoting process considers any comprehensive final inspection requirements, to ensure that there are no unexpected costs for our customers. By including the costs that are associated with thorough inspection and quality control measures in our quotations, we aim to eliminate unwanted surprises down the line.


Our commitment to transparency strengthens our relationships with customers, fostering trust and loyalty in our services and is why so many of our customers return to us on a regular basis, often without even asking for a quotation first!


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