How Production Control Software Could Boost UK Manufacturing

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Jan 16, 2023 12:33:59 PM

The adoption of modern production control software applications, such as RedAnt, has profound implications for efficiency and productivity among SME manufacturers, and could significantly boost UK manufacturing output over the next few years.


What Is Production Control Software?

Production control software, or production management software, is a subset of ERP that is increasingly used by businesses to oversee all aspects of production management, including specifying the bill of materials, allocating labour and machinery, managing outsourced relationships, and optimising inventories across multiple projects.

This helps ensure that resources are being used efficiently and that projects run smoothly and are completed with minimal delays. With a better-managed value chain, businesses can reduce the amount of downtime associated with operations and maximise their productive output. Through these means, a good production control system can facilitate greater efficiency and improved quality, helping manufacturers reduce their project price, and overall CNC machining time and costs.

Production Control Software And Quality Assurance

Production control software delivers better QA oversight and provides better visibility over each stage of procurement, machining, and assembly, helping manufacturers monitor quality in real time and reduce product defects and waste. With automatic inspections and data collection, manufacturers can track their processes more closely and maintain a higher level of quality assurance throughout the production cycle.

Production Control Software And Customer Satisfaction

By utilising automated alerts, reports and shared customer/supplier dashboards, manufacturers can quickly identify issues at any point in the supply chain and resolve them before they become a downstream problem for the customer. This delivers a more responsive approach to customer satisfaction and project fulfilment, allowing UK manufacturers to build stronger relationships with their customers.

Production Control Software And Smart Factories

Production control software is one of the key assets involved in the transition to a ‘smart factory’ mode of operation. So called smart factories are digitally enabled manufacturing production lines that utilise a combination of software automation, big data analytics and Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity to integrate and automate all aspects of production.

The immediate benefit of this improved visibility and control is increased efficiency and productivity, as well as more effective quality control. Smart factories can also leverage predictive analytics to anticipate customer demand and position their manufacturing processes accordingly, by adjusting inventory tracking, optimising supply chain relationships, and selecting the best materials to achieve their project outcomes.

RedAnt Production Control System

At Hone-All, we recommend RedAnt to any SME manufacturing business looking to implement a new production control system for the first time. RedAnt is one of the most comprehensive production management systems currently available, giving SMEs a wide range of powerful and flexible features at a cost-effective price, with straightforward implementation requirements. RedAnt is an end-to-end production solution that covers everything from customer quotations through to invoices, with full traceability and accountability at each stage.

Get In Touch

Production control software is essentially the framework around which a smart factory is built, facilitating better resource management, streamlined processes, and customer satisfaction – and ultimately, increased competitiveness in the global market.

To find out more, and to discuss how Hone-All can help your business boost productivity as it strives towards greater success in 2023, please call 01525 370666 or Redant directly on 01558 650922 today.

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