The Anatomy Of Precision: Hydraulic Cylinders And What Sets Them Apart

Posted by Andrea Wilson on Apr 15, 2024 7:36:23 PM

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Hydraulic cylinders are integral components in systems and machines across many industries, providing controlled and reliable power transmission through linear motion. Engineered to exacting standards, they enable extraordinary levels of accuracy and customised performance that are critical for many high-precision applications.

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In this article, we’ll explore the anatomy of hydraulic cylinders and what sets them apart from the alternatives.


How Does A Hydraulic Cylinder Work?

A hydraulic cylinder consists of a piston and rod assembly which is fitted into a cylinder. Hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder, applying pressure to one side of the piston, which generates force that pushes the piston along the bore of the cylinder, creating linear motion to power mechanical operations. Control valves precisely regulate the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid to extend and retract the cylinder in a smooth and controlled manner.

Precision engineered cylinders provide accurate repeatable motion for industrial equipment and machinery, ensuring highly precise operations often within tolerances of just a few microns and enhancing overall productivity and reliability.


Highly Durable Materials

At the core of precision hydraulic cylinders are high-quality materials that are chosen for durability and chemical and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel or specialist alloys are commonly used for their hardness, strength, and ability to resist wear and tear during repetitive operations, or to ensure functionality in hostile environments. Internal surfaces are typically chrome-plated and honed to minimise friction for smooth movement cycle after cycle.

Enhanced Safety Under Pressure

Advanced sealing systems in hydraulic cylinders enhance reliability and safety. Techniques may include redundant sealing with double rod seals or specialist wiper rings that effectively prevent fluid leakage and external contaminant ingress even under high pressures exceeding 350 bar. Custom engineered seals corresponding to the cylinder specification maintain integrity despite dirt, temperature extremes, or chemical exposure.

Exceptional Accuracy And Repeatability

Precision hydraulic cylinders are further defined by their remarkable level of accuracy and repeatability. Engineered with exacting tolerances as low as ±0,01mm and highly polished surfaces, hydraulic cylinders can deliver positional accuracy comparable to that of electronic ball screws. Feedback systems help to maintain control over acceleration, velocity, and positioning for delicate tasks.

Versatile Customisation

In custom applications ranging from laboratory automation to high-speed packaging and printing machinery, system performance hinges directly on the precision cylinder. Customisation spans a range of factors including bore size, rod diameter, stroke length, cushioning characteristics, and mounting configurations to withstand task-specific loads.

Stringent Quality Control

Backed by stringent quality assurance and validation protocols, precision hydraulic cylinders provide the anatomy vital to high-accuracy hydraulic systems across industries that are striving to achieve greater speed, control, and productivity. With superior tolerances, they enable machines to reach new heights of performance, quality, and efficiency.

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At Hone-All, we manufacture a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders including the supply of fully certified material. Alternatively, for those companies who manufacture their own cylinders in-house, we offer high-quality and reliable CNC honing that facilitates smoother movements within the cylinders, so fluid is moved more consistently through the system with less wear on key components reducing wear and improving longevity.

To request a free, no-obligation quotation or to find out more about our supply of hydraulic cylinders, or sub-contract honing services, please call us on 01525 370666 or send us a message.

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