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Why We Support The EEF

Posted by Andrea Rodney on Jun 7, 2018 3:54:50 PM


EEF: The Manufacturers' Organisation is a representative organisation of over 5,000 UK manufacturing companies. It is an outspoken voice for British manufacturing businesses in the UK and Europe and we are proud to be part of it. Why does the EEF matter and what does it do? In this article we provide a brief overview so you can find out more.

Formerly known by its full name, the Engineering Employers Federation, the EEF is one of the UK’s longest running professional organisations, being founded over 120 years ago. It regularly attracts acclaim for its member benefits and effective impact on the industry. For instance, the EEF was recently declared winner of the Best National Association Award at the European Association Awards 2018.

Core Activities

Among the EEF’s many activities are the following core goals. The organisation…

  • Encourages the sharing of best practices and insights among industry leaders, policymakers, professional engineers, apprentices and entrepreneurs.
  • Represents the manufacturing sector in a constructive dialogue with regulatory bodies and political decision-makers at the national and local level.
  • Provides consultancy, advice and training support to members – to improve processes, boost training standards and increase productivity.
  • Establishes industry standards for workplace safety and trust between businesses.
  • Works with colleges, schools and universities to increase the variety and accessibility of engineering training for young people, from primary school to graduate level.
  • Celebrates the achievements of manufacturing and engineering businesses, presenting a positive and upbeat image of our sector to the media.
  • Supports businesses to apply HR and employment law, environmental compliance and H&S obligations to their unique business models.
  • Facilitates innovation in the sector through knowledge sharing, seminars, training courses and events.

EEF Knowledge & Technology Hub

The jewel in the EEF’s crown has to be the new Technology Training Centre in Aston, near Birmingham. The state-of-the-art centre acts as the knowledge and technology hub for the whole organisation, offering a wide range of apprenticeships and professional courses for engineers at all levels.

The centre boasts 75,000 ft.² of lecture halls, meeting areas, workshops and student facilities and is still under development. Since 2014 £11 million has been spent on the Training Centre to make it the UKs premier technology training college.

Courses cover the full spectrum of UK manufacturing, including:

  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • ‘Industry 4.0’ - the impact of Internet connectivity on different machines used in the manufacturing process
  • Robotics and AI
  • Motors and control systems
  • Milling, grinding and turning
  • Tool design and use
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic power systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • CNC operation
  • Management and leadership
  • Software

You can take a virtual tour of the EEF Technology hub by clicking here, courtesy of Google Maps Street View – another example of technology in action!

Upcoming Events

The EEF puts on national and local events, seminars and conferences throughout the year. These are eclectic in scope and subject matter. Upcoming seminars cover bid writing, cyber security, business diversification and supplier engagement. These are supported by local networking events and regional dinners to bring businesses, training organisations and suppliers together.

How EEF Supports Hone-All

We joined the EEF originally for the excellent HR services they provide, and they have counselled and assisted us tremendously in this respect. Their support in the implementation of our H&S system was fantastic and it has been hailed as one of the best by our local HSE.

Only by becoming a member did we then learn of all the other fantastic activities and services EEF provide and are involved in. I was then selected to be Chair of the Eastern Regional Advisory Board. This resulted in further opportunities to input into EEF’s lobbying and policy and also network and share experiences with other businesses of all sizes. What surprised me most was the willingness of the EEF to listen to the perspective and needs of smaller businesses and then act upon them – something I hadn’t experienced with other trade bodies I had been involved in. This is testament to their commitment to supporting the industry as a whole - not just the OEM’s or large multi-nationals.

Find Out More

To find out more about the membership benefits for your sector, please click here to visit the EEF Membership page. This will explain more about the resources available to members, your different membership options and the application process.

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